Financial Life Design

Financial Life Design

Financial life planning and investment management for women in tech and women in institutional investing.


Plan Smart with Mana

It's more than just the numbers...

Challenges around money aren't discovered in spreadsheets alone. Research from psychology, sociology, and behavioral economics shows that the relationship between money and happiness is both complex and unintuitive. Our attitudes and beliefs about finance shape the way we live, plan, and dream.

To us, the implications of these findings are clear — people need better options and more holistic financial planning. Typical financial advisors help their clients earn, save, and invest more money, but at Mana we do more. We help people gain true wealth.  

What do we call wealth?

Wealth is whatever brings you joy in life. It's the good stuff: what you really want to be rich in. We recognize that wealth encompasses more than just assets or savings. For some, it's that dream vacation to Italy. For others, it's a reliable car. For most of us, it's a little bit of both — and maybe time for yoga class or an evening walk. Financial Life Design gets you whatever you need.

Smarter clients make better decisions!

At Mana FLD, we are devoted to improving personal finance. This work starts with state-of-the-art planning and advice, but we also continually help clients learn how to maximize their relationships with financial advisors. We encourage our clients to be actively engaged in their planning with iterative touch points and feedback mechanisms. Our process enables better decision making through increased financial literacy, improved communication, and overall confidence.

A Financial Life Plan is the roadmap to your best future!

We offer all the amenities of a traditional financial plan: advice on cash flow, investments, tax help, risk management, estate planning, fiscal education, and charitable giving. And crucially, we help clients move beyond traditional planning alone. We empower people to shift their focus into learning what it takes to build a better life. Our innovative strategy plots a route to your wildest dreams, with a secure financial map to get you there as quickly as possible.



How does Mana get you there?

Our work happens in three key phases.

Phase I: Visioning (🕑Initial Meetings - first 3 to 4 months)

In these Life Design meetings, your advisors at Mana will lead you through a formal process of thought provoking conversations and structured life planning exercises to identify your most significant life and wealth goals. We help you dream big…

  • Meet with us: tell us your goals, visualize a better future.

  • Answer questions: tell us about your attitudes and beliefs towards finance and fulfillment.

  • Get organized: gather key documents and notes and securely store them all in one place.

  • Practical analysis: document your current cash flow, understand where money comes and goes.

  • Begin relationship development: commit to FLD, schedule future meetings.

Phase II: Preparing your Financial Plan (🕓Followup Meetings - up to 12 months)

Here’s where we help you plan smart. Your Financial Life Plan will include the following…

A holistic view of your financial life:

  • Net Worth: We summarize everything you own (assets) and everything you owe (liabilities).

  • Goals: We help you identify, define and prioritize your goals through our Visioning Process, and map out the monthly savings necessary to get you there.

  • Income: We synthesize all of your income, including employment wages, side hustles, stock compensation, deferred compensation, rental real estate and other business income. We educate you on tax implications of these types of income, help you understand your ‘normal’ income and strategize on how to make money tax efficiently.

  • Expenses: We develop a budget for you based on your current situation and for the future, including establishing targets for your Living Expenses, Lifestyle Expenses, and Short and Long Term Savings.

Analyses, observations and recommendations:

  • Employee Benefits: We review all benefits offered through your employer(s) to ensure maximum utility.

  • Insurance: We review existing policies to ensure proper coverage for life, health, disability, long term care, liability, home and automobile insurance.

  • Education Planning: We project the amount needed to achieve college or other education funding goals and provide advice on ways to save the desired amount.

  • Estate Planning: We educate on the importance of developing an estate plan and create recommendations on wills, trust structures or other strategies to protect your assets.

  • Investments: We review your history and experience with investing, your current investment portfolios and identify the appropriate changes to create alignment to the goals in your Life Vision.

  • Taxes: We review your recent tax filings in light of your current financial situation and recommend any appropriate adjustments which minimize your tax burden or help attain your objectives.

We will provide our observations on the current state of your entire financial situation along with written recommendations we believe should be considered. Our advice and recommendations will be impartial and based on your personal situation.

Phase III: Implement and iterate (🕦12 months +)

This is how we support you to live free. Financial life design, like life itself, is not something you do once and forget about. After we’ve designed your Financial Life Plan, our journey will be all about ongoing planning and advisory support. As a Mana client you can expect access to a team of professionals who will provide guidance, advice and transactional support throughout the year; when and as required. We will be proactive in our communication with you if we feel there is something new you need to know or do.

As part of our annual planning fee, you will receive:

  • Monthly Money Mindfulness: We will send you reminders to check in on your cash flow to create lasting behavioral changes in how you budget.

  • Progress updates: Throughout the year, Mana will monitor progress of your plan, and facilitate any required action steps.

  • Annual review meeting: We do a thorough review of your Financial Life Plan each year. We will assess progress and identify new circumstances that could alter your plan and adjust accordingly.

Plus exclusive access to Mana FLD resources:

  • A personal financial website (Mana Financial Portal): You will be provided secure access to your Mana Financial Portal, a robust client portal that provides you with a current, on demand financial experience.

  • Organization and aggregation of your accounts for a consolidated view of your financial picture.

  • View progress toward your goals.

  • Unlimited document storage to safely store all important records and access them from anywhere.

  • Mobile web access whenever and from wherever you want.

  • Access to Educational Material: To learn and stay current, you will have access to the Mana Newsletter where we share pertinent education material on topics of interest. As a Mana client you’re eligible to attend relevant educational webinars, seminars, workshops and networking events.

our client-focused fee structure


Given the choice of living for more, or living for meaning, we are drawn to those who choose the latter...