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2019 Firm of the Year

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September 2019 - Mana FLD is presented with XYPN’s Firm of the Year award: Cristina and Stephanie were selected out of more than 500 financial advisors. This award was presented publicly at the XYPN Live! Conference in St. Louis.

XYPN Live!

September 2019 - Conversation with George Kinder and Fellow Registered Life Planners® with George Kinder & Panel: Seen as one of the leading next-generation financial life planners in the industry, Cristina sat with her mentor George Kinder in front of hundreds of financial planners at the XYPN Live! Conference in St. Louis. The conversation focused on why financial life planning is a growing methodology for financial planning practitioners around the world.

Zen Money Monday Podcast

August 2019 - Cristina Livadary & Stephanie Bucko on Wealth Planning & Biz Building: in Episode 18, Liz welcomes to the podcast business partners and friends, Cristina Livadary and Stephanie Bucko. Cristina and Stephanie are the co-founders of Mana Financial Life Design, a financial planning firm that aims to build deep client relationships, change attitudes towards spending, and democratize financial advice. Cristina, Stephanie and Liz talk about the current state of the financial services industry, why they started Mana Financial and how it’s grown over the past year, and how they work with the Zen Money concept in their company. Finally, Cristina and Stephanie speak to the importance of having fun while serving clients to the best of their ability.

Ready to Succeed

August 2019 - Finding Meaning in Money: Cristina hosted a conversation with college students and young college grads, all of whom belong to Los Angeles-based organization Ready to Succeed, on why it’s cool and critical to talk about money from an early age. Money affects every aspect of our lives, yet so many of us carry feelings of shame and fear around money, which leads to behaviors that detract rather than add to our relationship with it. This presentation meets young adults where they are and challenges participants to think about money in an entirely new way.


May 2019 - Discover Your Money Mindset: for Heat of Deloitte Digital. In this workshop, Cristina served as a guide for the participants as they found their personal AHA around their money stories. In this workshop, we provide participants with tools to examine and explore their money mindset to forge a more intentional relationship with money and navigate finances with greater confidence.

Ikigai Stories Podcast

April 2019 - Rational Right Brain 2: in this podcast, Cristina talks about Mana Financial Life Design. "Mana" means "power" in Hawaiian, which holds a special place for Cristina personally and professionally. She discusses the unique experience of Mana Financial Life Design and her passion to bring compassionate finance to the world.

PwC Panel

April 2019 - The Road to Scalability: improving efficiencies by identifying competitive edge, automating processes, and building strong networks: Cristina served as a panelist on a conversation about entrepreneurship and building scale alongside a Partner at PwC and a founder of a successful business travel startup. Cristina represented the voice of an early-stage financial services startup and spoke about her story and what led her to build Mana Financial Life Design from the ground up.

The Advice Movement Podcast

October 2018 - Cristina and Stephanie – in Episode 23 life long friends who decided to bring Mana to those needing financial empowerment.Their story begins way back in college, where one junior and one senior became best friends – even if one of them could come across a bit snarky at times (by her own admission), and then journey’s through their blossoming careers on different sides of the Financial divide – one in Funds Management and one Auditing Fund Managers, to where they are today – only 2 months into their new Financial Planning firm – Mana FLD.

NAPFA Fall Conference

October 2018 - NAPFA: Presentation at The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) Fall Conference, “A new generation of financial advice”.