Financial Life Design
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Our Philosophy

Mana empowers you with intention and meaning.

We help you use your money to design the life you want.

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Compassionate Finance

We see your power and potential. Our Financial Life Design process is all about learning to use it. We know that trust and collaboration helps people achieve big things. We believe everyone deserves great financial advice. We know assets are a personal choice, and income can be maximized. We don't require a minimum asset investment or salary from our clients; our fee-only service option means anyone can work with us. 

Holistic Planning

Finances can be complex and intimate, and our planning strategy is built to support both of these characteristics.

  • We assume that every client has the potential to change and improve their attitudes and beliefs around money.

  • Our focus is on people first, not their income or assets.

  • We integrate approaches from psychology, sociology, and behavioral economics to address lifestyle and well-being through better financial planning.

  • Our strategies are based in empiricism and logistics, balanced and implemented through our philosophy of care and humanism.

Accountable Relationships

Just like a personal trainer helps clients achieve physical fitness, we are accountability partners in becoming financially fit. With our process, clients can withstand anything. And best of all, we stand by their side the whole way making sure they do.

  • We work one-on-one with clients on a regular basis.

  • Clients can expect monthly virtual meetings.

  • We use the latest tools and technology to keep clients on track and monitor their progress.

  • Clients can customize their experience and adjust aspects of their planning based on milestones and scheduled reviews.


The fact is...


Financial Advice needs an overhaul.

  • 51% of Americans do not feel financially secure.

  • 60% of Americans spend all or more of their income.

  • 61% of women would rather talk about their own death than money.

Too many people are not equipped to live the life of their dreams. Many feel stuck in unsatisfying circumstances and unprepared for major life events.


Mana is changing the game.

As a fee-only advisor, we only charge for our process. We do not push products or require minimum assets. We are compensated only by our clients, no matter what their income.

We are dedicated to helping clients achieve their biggest dreams, regardless of where they are in the journey.


What does Mana mean?

Mana is a native Hawaiian concept of power unrelated to wealth. Mana is the vital life energy that flows through all things and is highly individual.