Financial Life Design

Financial Life Design

Financial life planning and investment management for women in tech and women in institutional investing.


Plan Smart with Mana

It's more than just the numbers...

Challenges around money aren't discovered in spreadsheets alone. Research from psychology, sociology, and behavioral economics shows that the relationship between money and happiness is both complex and unintuitive. Our attitudes and beliefs about finance shape the way we live, plan, and dream.

To us, the implications of these findings are clear — people need better options and more holistic financial planning. Typical financial advisors help their clients earn, save, and invest more money, but at Mana we do more. We help people gain true wealth.  

What do we call wealth?

Wealth is whatever brings you joy in life. It's the good stuff: what you really want to be rich in. We recognize that wealth encompasses more than just assets or savings. For some, it's that dream vacation to Italy. For others, it's a reliable car. For most of us, it's a little bit of both — and maybe time for yoga class or an evening walk. Financial Life Design gets you whatever you need.

A Financial Life Plan is the roadmap to your best future!

We offer all the amenities of a traditional financial plan: advice on cash flow, investments, tax help, risk management, estate planning, fiscal education, and charitable giving. And crucially, we help clients move beyond traditional planning alone. We empower people to shift their focus into learning what it takes to build a better life. Our innovative strategy plots a route to your wildest dreams, with a secure financial map to get you there as quickly as possible.



How does Mana get you there?

Phase I: Discovery (🕑Initial Meetings)

This is where you dream big...

  • Meet with us: tell us your goals, visualize a better future.
  • Answer questions: tell us about your attitudes and beliefs towards finance and fulfillment.
  • Get organized: gather key documents and notes and securely store them all in one place.
  • Practical analysis: document your current cash flow, understand where money comes and goes.
  • Begin relationship development: commit to FLD, schedule future meetings.

Phase II: The Plan (🕓Followup Meeting)

This is where we plan smart...

  • Receive your plan: in this phase, we design and present your Financial Life Plan, including cash flow, investments, taxes, risk management, estate planning, education and charitable giving, and other matters important to you, while emphasizing the trade offs to be made in order to achieve your vision and goals in life.
  • Action Steps: get ready to work on your dreams — this is one of the steps that separates our process from the rest! We don't just hand you a big overwhelming plan, but instead build a relationship timeline to keep you on track, with achievable goals and incremental changes. 

Phase III: Ongoing Accountability Partnership (🕦12 months +)

This is how to live free...

  • Individualized meetings: each client is different, so each financial life plan will be tailored accordingly. In our monthly meetings, we review progress, cover a variety of topics and personal analyses, and always set new goals you can reach before the next session. 
  • Knowledge share: our holistic approach means that you continually share experiences with us. We document how your attitudes and beliefs are changing and growing, uncover and discuss your earliest memories about money, write dream narratives, and use other life planning techniques for personal development and freedom.
  • Tools and technology: we give you access to state of the art planning and investment tools and technology. This includes free user accounts with various websites and investment tools, and a monthly visual guide we've developed to show your progress and achievements on all aspects of Mana Financial Life Design.
  • Reports and accountable progress: we give you the tools to track your finances, but we'll be right there by your side. We keep you on track and personally supported through your plan. This includes goal incentives, and real, useful conversations.
  • Empathy: we're not afraid of your human side. We're not only trained in technical finance, but also active listening and behavioral change. Finance is for people, not programs and spreadsheets.

Wealth Management (Optional)

With over 20 years of combined experience in financial services, audits, hedge fund investment, and individual money management, we know that some clients want a more traditional option. Do you have investable assets and want expert management? We've got you covered!

Our Wealth Management option includes:

  • Financial Life Design: you don't have to miss out – you still get all three phases of Mana Financial Life Design as part of this package.
  • Investments: we construct your investment strategy fitted to your financial life plan. We use a disciplined approach to investing with a focus on diversification, low fees, passive investments, and taking advantage of alternative opportunities when the time is right. We keep things simple, liquid, and transparent, so you can sleep at night.  
  • Asset oversight: you might have assets outside of Mana - and we will look at those too! If you have real estate, land, hedge funds, venture capital or other investments like crypto-currency, we can review it all as part of your total portfolio.  
  • Tax structuring: we consider taxes at the forefront of investment decisions since it can make such a big impact on your bottom line. We make sure your investments are held in a tax efficient way, and review them as tax laws change. 
  • Expert advice: whether you already have them or need us to help you find them, we will meet with your CPA and estate attorney on an annual basis. Getting everyone on the same page saves you time and money.
  • Join the conversation: invite to Mana Village: Think Tanks.

Given the choice of living for more, or living for meaning, we are drawn to those who choose the latter...